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Clinical  -  Corporate  -  Learning  -  True Counselling

Thank you for choosing Reflex Clinical Therapies for your 'Relating to Life', Reflexology and Massage treatment plan. Welcome to your new journey to being well and understanding life.

If you are ready to book an appointment scan the QR Code below or click "Book Now" to take you to our self booking site.

If you require further information feel free to browse this website.

Reflex Clinical Therapies is committed to the education and treatment of those who are seeking understanding of themselves and dis-ease within their lives.  

Locations: Yatala QLD (Residential) & Beenleigh QLD (Natural Therapies Clinic)

Phone: 0409 045 537 or 07 3807 7687

Email: [email protected]


True Holistic Coaching

"It is the communing of men & women through time that continues to bring the clan together."

"The education of wisdom in the journey of life is always enriched by Tea."

"We understand ourselves more by our Connections than through our differences."

"Be Curious. The rest you already Are!" (Alyson McRitchie)

Terms and Conditions:

It is now necessary for Reflex Clinical Therapies to take a 60% deposit or full payment upon booking an appointment, Corporate Day or Workshop class. If an appointment, Corporate Day or class has been confirmed and is cancelled within 48 hours or not shown, then that 60% deposit will be used as a cancellation fee. If a substitute is organized to fill the session, Corporate Day or class, before the appointment time, then no cancellation fee will be charged. Please know that Alyson wants the best outcome for all clients and students and is willing to use discretion when it is available.

All appointments must be confirmed within 48 hours of initial enquiry. Any exceptions are at the discretion of Alyson or the delivering Therapist.

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0409 045 537

[email protected]


Monday - closed

Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - 12pm - 6pm

Thursday - 10am - 8pm

Friday - 9am - 6pm

Saturday - 9am - 3pm

Sunday - closed


Yatala, QLD 4207



Meet The Owner/Therapist

Alyson McRitchie has been a practicing Therapist for over 15 years. During this time Alyson has developed passions and practices that have shaped her into one of Brisbane's leading Reflexology and Massage Therapists.

She loves helping every day people with their everyday health and understanding of what being "Well" is all about. And with the recent move to Yatala, QLD she is very excited to be, now, available to residents of the Gold Coast.

Alyson has, over the years, added Learning Therapies, Corporate Therapies and Relating to Life Counselling to her list of services as she is passionate about optimizing her client's experience and sharing her knowledge.

More recently Alyson has been driven to introduce amazing products into her store and loves to share her personal experiences with all of these products. Alyson is especially crazy about books, massage candles, Aroma-sprays, Alkaline and electrolyzed Water, as well as Redox Renewal Supplements. Don't forget to ask Alyson about these when you speak with her.

If you have met Alyson you will know that she operates in a professional yet friendly manner and really has her clients' best interest at the heart of everything she does. All appointments include the art of English style tea service, full consent and consultation, and the soothing ritual of bathing the feet.

To find out more, ask Alyson a question . . . . . 



​Winter Special - 90 minute - Hot Stone Massage

The most luxurious of the Massages is now in demand for Winter. Take advantage of this Special Offer today!

It’s the heated part that a hot stone massage brings as the temperature works with your body from the outside in. 

The raised temperature of the stones get the blood flowing to the muscles because it’s how oxygen is transported throughout our systems. More oxygen = faster recovery.

Only $99 - 90 minutes

(Usually $180)

Conditions: Payment required at time of booking.

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Introductory Offer - 1hr Reflexology Session

I always say, "It's important to try things. It gives us an experience to learn by and the benefit of having tried it".

When I first started practicing, in Qld, 15 years ago, not many people had heard of Reflexology, let alone understood it's many benefits.

Here is the opportunity for my new neighbours and community to experience Reflexology first hand (or foot) - Haa. My sense of humour.

$49 Introductory 1hr Reflexology treatment (normally $85).

Book Today . . .

Ph: 0409 045 537

Conditions: Payment required at time of booking.

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Featured Products

Gift a Therapy

Our favourite time is when a gift is given to a loved one. 

To share an experience of a Natural Therapy is always special.

Select the best gift for a friend, family member or colleague.

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Soy Candle for Massage

100% natural Soy Bean Candle made with a beautiful and luxurious massage blend wax made from hydrating soybean oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Available with a selection of essential Oil Blends.

Our massage wax is 100% natural with no additives and made in Australia.

Choose a favourite blend today.

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Books, Books, Books

Throughout Life there are certain books that really resonate and entertain us.

Find  out more about yourself with the selection of books we have chosen to crate new understanding and learning.

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