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My First Experience with Reflexology

Posted on 21 April, 2021 at 0:25

My first experience with Reflexology was with a travel mate who had just finished a course and wanted to practice on her newfound backpacker friends.

Myself & a friend, Celeste, were travelling through South Africa and had just jumped off a plane from Sydney and onto a bus in Johannesburg to start our trek down to Cape Town. We had met Tammy and, altogether, started our socially charged journey.

Tammy had said “Can I practice on you two?” “Yep” we said. We were up for anything! After a 30minute treatment on a li-low by the pool, each, Tammy said something weird… ”Because you girls have been partying for a couple of days and are still suffering from jet lag, you will probably feel the benefits of detoxifying after Reflexology. You will feel the symptoms of experiencing a common head cold for the next 48hrs.” She was very specific. To this, Cassie & I both scoffed. We felt fine. We certainly did not feel the phlegmy-ness of a cold coming on.

Well, the next day….was a different story. We woke with a full head of green phlegm, stuffed up to the eyeballs, and the tissues flowed for two days. Because this had happened to the both of us and had lasted exactly two days, I was curious and perplexed. I didn’t understand this reflexology stuff and I hadn’t had a cold in… ‘forever’! I felt my energy levels change and Cassie had experienced all these same reactions!

After some investigation I was convinced. The more treatments I had the more I understood my own body, it’s reactions, and why I, personally, suffered certain ailments. When the opportunity came up, I knew I wanted to make this my career and to share my knowledge of empowerment with others.


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